Welcome to Farming Videos Farming Videos presents a selection of videos focusing on agriculture. The seasons are focal points. We try to keep things as varied as possible. Some videos are sent to us, while we search for others online.

Film makers tend to work in one specific area, so proportionally more videos are shown from those areas. The same applies to contractors, and there will be businesses that receive less attention than others.

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Foreign countries are also an important source. New developments abroad are important for the United Kingdoms agriculture, and therefore also for Farming Videos. If we come across something that is interesting for Farming Videos, then we'll definitely post it.

The selection of videos follows the same pattern in almost every season. Manure is spread in the spring, after which the grass is cut for haylage or silage, followed by the maize harvest. We try to break this order by looking further afield or posting some slightly more light-hearted videos.

We try to stay up-to-date, which is sometimes a little hard in practice, so it might occasionally take a week before a video gets posted. We do try to post videos within a week however. Disasters will always be given priority, so you can always be sure that as a site user, you will be immediately up-to-date.

New tractor series are also focal points, such as the Fendt 1050 Vario, whose journey was followed from the first photo up until it was first put into action at contracting businesses. The same applies to the Deutz 9 series.

We also strive to entertain on the site. A waterlogged maize harvest is naturally very disappointing for farmers, and signifies a lot of extra costs for the farmer and contracting business, though also provides nice videos that get a lot of views. Despite that, Farming Videos doesn't keep its fingers crossed for a wet autumn.

Farming Videos' audience is very varied, though youths are particularly interested in our site, and by far the most videos are viewed on mobiles. The gender split is still unbalanced, only 6% of site visitors is female.

The fact that livestock farming is more prominent than arable farming is largely due to where the filmmakers live, though they do go on outings now and again. The filmmakers don't pause when they go on holiday.

The above shows that the makers are incredibly important to the Farming Videos website, it wouldn't exist without them! We are incredibly thankful to the filmmakers for their contribution. Meanwhile, Farming Videos ensures that there's a large audience for the videos.

Team Farming Videos would like to thank the filmmakers and wish them the best of luck.

Finally, we would like to thank the site visitors for coming back and stimulating us to keep going and to stay on top of developments in agriculture.
Team Farming Videos